Cow P**** Is Awesome!

Niubi means awesome
You know what? It’s been almost a week since we launched our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and you’ve supported us so much with your pledges that we’ve already reached over 25% of our goal of $30,000! You’re 牛B (niúbī)! We love you!

Yes, niubi means cow's p**** means awesome.
Yes, that’s right. We called you a cow’s p****. Don’t look so shocked. 牛B (niúbī) literally means cow’s p****, but it really means someone (you!) or something (a cow’s p****?) is awesome; totally, undeniably awesome. And that’s how we feel about you, our supporters that are pushing us forward, inspiring us to work late into the night, and powering our Kickstarter to crowdfund Wok In Progress. You’re totally, undeniably awesome! The Rosetta Wok would not lie.

We have no idea how the expression 牛B (niúbī) came to be. Linling uses it in the pilot episode. If you know, please send us a message or leave a comment below. We’ll update the Rosetta Wok to include the background of 牛B (niúbī). However, we do know that the ‘B’ in 牛B (niúbī) replaces the Chinese character which makes a lot of Chinese readers blush, so it’s usually replaced with ‘B.’ Yeah, we got really excited, too, because we thought, for once, we could read a Chinese character; but no. Go to our friends at YellowBridge if you want to find the Chinese character that ‘B’ replaces. Consider yourself warned.