Larry (Murray Clive Walker) comes from South Africa, but was studying in the U.S. before deciding to move to China. He’s a notorious skirt chaser who thinks of little else. Loyal most of the time except perhaps when there is a girl in the mix. Can be irresponsible and impractical about life in general – basically just likes living for the moment without thinking of the consequences. He thinks himself cooler than he really is.

Melvin (Scotty Cox) is an American, who is, for the most part, quite level-headed and responsible. He is a bit on the heavy side and has lost his confidence with women, struggling to regain it. This makes him a lovable-loser in this respect. He is sensitive and often takes things too personally. He likes to be organized. He has no fashion sense, yet is quite proud of his sense of fashion. Him and his ever-so-useful fannypack are inseparable.

Mr. Lee (Fu Hongjun), at the start, is weary of foreigners but begins to realize their worth later on. He comes across as abrasive at first, but he has a kind heart and is able to appreciate the good in others. A single father, he loves his daughter more than anything in the world. He runs a noodleshop in Beijing called Journey to the West. He is proud to be Chinese, of Chinese culture, Chinese heritage, and, above all, to be from Shanxi.

Lingling (Kara Wang), Mr. Lee’s daughter; is pretty, intelligent but a bit stuck-up. She hates working in her father’s noodleshop, because she thinks it’s beneath her. Her dream is to study fashion in France although her father will never allow it. She is straight-talking and, at times, a bit crass. Much smarter than her father, Melvin, and Larry; Lingling is able to manipulate them as part of her master plan. Unfortunately, she is not match for Larry and Melvin’s capacity for creating chaos.

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  1. The bilingual and cultural humor in this show would fill a gaping void in otherwise bland, recycled television programming related to expats living in China. I sincerely hope that you all can achieve your funding goal and that your show will be widely enjoyed by diverse audiences. Good luck and Best wishes!

    1. Thank you, James! We feel the same way. We can’t thank you enough for coming all the way to 4corners for our live and launch and for supporting our Kickstarter.

  2. Congratulations on achieving your funding goal. I hope that the production goes well. The world is looking forward to comic relief from your show!

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