Interview with Matt Keener, (our) Legendary Screenplay Consultant

Victor is still in L.A. working to get Malaland, formerly known as Wok In Progress, made. He’s been working very closely with Matt Keener of Scenario to get Malaland produced. Matt, as you know, has been working with Murray on the development of the new screenplay. Now, he’s stepping in to help us produce as well. This guy is amazing, and we are grateful to have him on our side.

Matt Keener - Our Legendary Script Consultant
Matt Keener

Victor and Matt typically meet in Loft Cafe/Cafe Loft in L.A.’s Koreatown, and this is where this interview was recorded. Along with giving us an update as to the status of the Malaland story, he also talks about how he got started in the film business and drops some nuggets of wisdom along the way. The interview runs about 30-minutes. Enjoy!

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