Cultural Retard

Wenhua Baishi = Cultural Retard
文化白痴 (wénhuà báichī) is an expression you won’t hear very often; mostly because most people don’t merit being called a “cultural retard.” However, you will hear the expression used in our pilot episode, and for good reason. It’s one thing to not know a culture, but it’s completely different to not know a culture, and think you do. As Laozi once said, “Know what you know. Don’t know what you don’t know.” Or what is Henry David Thoreau? Anyhow, Larry and Melvin both don’t know what they think they know, and think they know what they don’t know. That makes them 文化白痴 (wénhuà báichī), cultural retards, even if they studied Chinese language and culture for two semesters. Do you know any 文化白痴?

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