Wok Punch Up!

Punch Up!

Not this kind of punch up! THIS kind of punch up…

Punch Up!From left, Nigel Tu, David Fertitta, Josh Tyas, and Murray Walker

With our successful Kickstarter under our belt, we’re back on track with the production of the next couple of episodes of Wok In Progress. The foundation of a sitcom is its script. Before locking down the script for episode 2, Murray sat down with Nigel, David, and Josh; comedians from Comedy Club China, to ‘punch up’ the script, not each other.

A ‘punch up’ is just a day or two of making a script as funny as it can possibly be. Every sitcom goes through this process. Unlike most sitcom productions, we were only able to punch up episode 2 before running out of time. Nigel, David, and Josh all have real jobs. We’ll meet again to punch up more episodes.

Comedy Club China holds stand up comedy open mic nights three nights a week in Beijing, and have stand up comedy shows on a regular basis. Check their website for show schedules and/or sign up to test your comedy chops at one of their open mic nights: http://www.comedyclubchina.com

All GoodSee? No hard feelings.

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  1. This is just awesome. Nothing better to loosen the stubborn old culture gap than a few good laughs. Do you have a first episode release date, year yet in the perspective hopeful horizon? Xie-Xie.

    1. The pilot/first episode has been finished a long time ago but never released. However, we are currently in development for the feature film, with the sitcom as a spin off at a later date. We appreciate your continued support and interest in Wok In Progess! Xie-xie!

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